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Morning Group Swim Lessons

Morning swim lessons:  Are weekly

5 lessons (Monday-Friday) for 1 week 

Under 6 years old

Preschool/ Parent Infant Child 

 (30 minutes each)

Over 6 years old

Elementary Lessons

(45 minutes each)



Evening Group Swim Lessons

All Ages:

Evening swim lessons: 30-minute lessons

Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 2 weeks

5:30 & 6:00pm


Please see the lesson descriptions for more detail.

Group Swim lessons registration link available

Parent/Infant/Child (PIC) Lessons

An adult caregiver (parent, grandparent, or other caregiver) will be in the water with their child under three years old.

Preschool Lessons

Preschool 1

Skills : Introduction to water, basic water skills, and water safety. All skills are assisted

To Pass Level: Blow bubbles with face in water for 5 seconds, assisted floating on front and back

Preschool 2

Skills : Floating, swimming and kicking motions,  treading water, water skills, water safety skills

To Pass Level: Blow bubbles with face in water for 5 seconds, assisted floating on front and back

Preschool 3

Skills : Float independently, roll over, crawl stroke,, jump in deep water, tread water, skill combinations

To Pass Level: 10 second independent back and front float, swim 10 yards, roll from front/back/front

Elementary Lessons

Elementary Level 1

Skills : Float on back & front, face submersion, breath control, kicking, arm strokes, basic water safety

To Pass Level: Front/back float position, face in water eyes open for 5 seconds, kick and arm strokes

Elementary Level 2

Skills : Independent floating on front and back, arm strokes, kicking movements, basic treading water motions, water safety skills

To Pass Level: Float for 5 seconds on front and 15 seconds on back, roll front/back and back/front, swim front and back 20 seconds (all skills must be performed unassisted)

Elementary Level 3

Skills : Elementary backstroke, side breathing with crawl stroke, side stroke kick, dolphin kick, breaststroke kick

To Pass Level: Front crawl 15 yards, back float and survival float for 30 seconds, tread deep water for 30 seconds, elementary backstroke 15 yards, scissor, breaststroke, and dolphins for 10 yards (technique is part of passing requirements)

Elementary Level 4

Skills : Endurance & technique in all six strokes  (butterfly, elementary backstroke, front and back crawl, sidestroke, and breaststroke) and other aquatic skills

To Pass Level: 25 yards front crawl and elementary back, 15 yards back crawl, side stroke, butterfly, breaststroke, survival and back float for 1 minute each, tread water for 2 minutes

Competitive Stroke Lessons

Private lessons

Available to schedule May 22
We arrange private lessons individually.  If you are interested , please click below and send us an email.

We can do 30, 45, or 60 minutes lessons. Each lesson can have 1 or 2 swimmers.  We recommend that if you choose to have two swimmers take the lesson, the swimmers should have similar abilities.

30 minutes: $35 per lesson

45 minutes: $50 per lesson

60 minutes: $65 per lesson

Package of 180 minutes: $180 (6x30 or 4x45 or 3x60)

Competitive Stroke swim lessons are for competitive or potential competitives swimmers who can already swim 25 yards of each of the following competitive strokes:

  • butterfly

  • backstroke

  • breaststroke

  • freestyle

Competitive Stroke swim lessons will also include turns, finishes and starts from the starting blocks.

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