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Pool Rules

​1. Children 6 years old and under must be supervised by a parent or caretaker 14 years old or older.

2. No running, pushing, or horseplay.

3. No glass or ceramic containers inside the fenced pool area.

4. No food, drink, gum, or tobacco in the pool.

5. No diving in shallow water.

6. Do not use the pool with a contagious illness or open wound.

7. Showers required before entering the pool for all programs (including swim team, swim lessons, water exercise, lap swim, rec swim, and pool rentals).

8. Swimmers in the deep end must pass a swim test.

9. Diaper changing on the pool deck is prohibited. Non-potty trained children under 3 must wear a swim diaper.

10. Anyone lacking control of defecation shall wear a water resistant swim diaper and water-resistant swimwear.

11. All wearable flotation devices must have a visible Coast Guard approved label.

12. Flotation devices must not interfere with visibility. Bruce Buchanan Memorial Aquatic Center management reserves the right to ask for any device to be removed for any reason.

13. Offensive or lewd behavior is prohibited.

14. Any person verbally or physically harassing or abusing any guest or staff will result in immediate removal from the facility without refund.

15. No alcohol, tobacco products, vaping products, drugs, or firearms are allowed inside or immediately outside the pool area.

16. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave.

17. Any patrons repeatedly disobeying pool rules will be asked to leave.

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